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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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that one was crazy. crazy man. >> right now at 11:00. turn down the music. many people brayi ingbracing fo long weekend as a popular music festival rolls into town. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. raging over the rave.
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residents bracing themselves for 20 nonstop hour of bass thumping, technodance music. beyond wonderland rave roars. with those dancers dressed as animals come a host of problems not the least of which is noise. peggy bunker live in mountain view where the festival is really beyond. >> reporter: you can say that again, jessica. didn't take us too long to fie neighbors who groaned at the mention of the rave. the memories from last year too fresh where the music didn't seem aimed at the amphitheater but at their neighborhood instead. >> get ready to rave. the all-day into the night beyond wonderland electronic dance party returns to the shoreline amphitheater this weekend where people living nearby say it is a wonderland all right of noise. >> it was crazy, just crazy. it was piercing. piercing. i heard the dogs left their
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houses. >> according to police, last year's event brought in 100 arrests and 140 noise complaints. >> i had never heard shoreline that loud. never. >> police know this rave is different from other concerts. >> noise is a problem. it is very bass driven, you know, repetitive electronic dance music. >> neighbors say last year the speakers seemed to be aimed at them. something that has been fixed this year. >> they have reworked the stages are angled. the way the speakers are angled. how many stages are there. >> despite last year's beyond wonderland complaints. one resident thinks the know has been worse. >> it was loud. but it was a concert. i think, metallica may have ben louder. they really turned it up then. >> they really turned it up there for metallica according to the one neighbor. they're hoping neighbors say the change in the way the speakers
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are angled possibly will give them peace and quiet. that will be something to rave about. peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. two men accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a girl remain on the loose. tonight. san jose police asking for help. they released the two sketches of the suspects. the men described as hispanic and in their 30s. police say the men assaulted the girl on tuesday near int intersecti intersection. that is near west gate and prospect high school. around 4:00 in the afternoon. suspects forced a girl at a bus stop into their white van. where they attacked her. the men dropped her off a shrt ti -- off a short time later. the football game involving andrew hill high school was called off because of a bomb threat on the campus. andrew hill was locked down. late this afternoon. while a bomb squad searched the south san jose high school. police secured the area. hundred of students evacuated to a nearby junior high school. ultimately the all clear was
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given before 5:00 p.m. >> bizarre and brutal attack left a community in shock. a man went for a workout, only to be allegedly killed by another gym member. nbc bay area's derek shore speaking to suspect and victim's loved ones tonight. he joins us in south san francisco. >> good evening, jessica. >> reporter: according to friend of the victim he came to bally total finish. avid, athletic person. despite that he did not know his alleged killer. everyone is wondering what led that gym member to snap. allegedly killing him. it wasn't just cardioit was a killing on the mind of gym goers at bally's tonight. >> i'm really sad. i just can't believe it happened here. >> i don't expect that at the gym. >> bizarre, seem league ringly attack. wednesday night, when kenneth osaku used a metal bar to beat a
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gym member to death. the victim, 43-year-old diego gallindo would die a day later. >> he loved going to the gym. >> he worked all most two decade here where a photo and funeral collection sits. his co-worker and friend says the community is reeling insisting gallindo didn't know osako. >> very vicious. i don't know why? a question of why? >> that question has yet to be officially answered. although good morning goer told me they heard there was some sort of jealousy over a woman. >> interviewed a lot of people. see what deter mmined what relationship the two had. what may have been the motive. >> he went out. he said he is going to the gym. i said, fine. >> kenneth osako sr. says his son was a good kid. showed us his son's room filled with different over-the-counter and prescription pill bottles
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and fitness supplements. >> just hope he give us a call and let us know what happened. >> are you going to support him either way? >> no, if he is guilty. he is guilty. i don't support anybody that is wrong. >> tonight, that suspect remains behind bars. he declined an in-jail on-camera interview. live, derek shore, nbc bay area news. >> the strategy might have backfired. nfl commissioner roger goodell broke his silence immediately criticized. he addressed domestic violence firestorm but offered no immediate solutions. >> i hold myself to the highest possible standard. so when i make a mistake or don't get something right, it bothers me more than anybody. i think the owners have seen that in me. i think they know that, we have always fried to d tried to do t thing. mistakes happen. i'm sorry for that.
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and we are going to get this right. >> embattled commissioner announced the nfl will partner with agencies that work with domestic violence and sexual assault. short on details, big on promise. >> i think once you lose trust, credibility with the people who are supposed to follow you as leader once you lost that it is gone. you need to go. >> goodell is establishing a conduct committee with a goal of having it in place by the super bowl. the super bowl is, five months from now. >> the man accused of setting the massive king fire in the sierra made his first court appearance today. wayne huntsman pled not guilty. prosecutors say additional charges could pea filed. defending on how many houses burned down. we learned huntsman may have broken into a home in the moments after the fire started and called 911 to report it. huntsman once lived in santa cruz, and moved to el dorado county about two years ago. today firefighters did confirm the blaze has destroyed multiple structures including four homes.
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investigators are not able to fully examine the extent tough the damage. so 12,000 homes remain threatened by the fire which burned more than 75,000 acres so far. and the king fire. is only at 10% containment. now the massive amount of smoke from that fire led to hazy conditions across the bay today. a look from san jose from mount hamilton. come ofof -- coming up, jeff ranieri will have the forecast. >> visionary police chief that tran formed transformed the police department into one of the finest. john mcnamara died after battling pancreas cancer. he retired in 1991. among many contributions diversification of the police force. also among the first departments to use crime data to deply officers. as well as use computers and
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patrol cars. during his tenure, san jose was one of the safest big sit eyesen the c -- cities in the country. he was 79. >> a thief broke into saint ann's church in the east bay earlier this week. and stole money. money intended for kids. this may be an inside job. nane nannette miranda. na nannette? >> reporter: police believe a burglar popped out a locked office window, took thousand and put the when deb window back in. no one new anything was wrong for hours. through this office window at saint anne's katrina look chuca where a thief took thousand in checks in a binder on this table. money to teach 200 kids how to lead a faithful life. >> it helps them in their own
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faith journeys realize they have an important part to play in that. and in serving we do a large program on community service. >> but early tuesday morning around 2. 30. some one broke in and took all those dreams away. part of the crime caught on camera. police hatch nve not released t video. church workers won't say whether this is an inside job. curious the person knew what to go for. >> surprisingly because -- the room was not ransacked. it was like, things were in place. >> car break-ins, vandalism and stolen statues have happened at this church recently. but now things have gone to a whole another level. no matter the motive, the father has a forgiving heart. >> i would forgive them. embrace them. there is justice. >> nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> next at 11:00 -- scary situation at the white house. intruder forcing a rare evacuation. stunning new details just ahead. >> and i said, "if you think i
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am hysterical now, just wait. i will become your worst nightmare." >> also taking matters into her own hands. how a local mother on a mission cracked one of the largest financial fraud cases in the country. >> one of the first to got his hand on the new iphone 6. what happens next became a viral video. >> and good evening. meteorologist jeff ranieri, cloud moving into san jose. thick fog in san francisco. we are tracking the fog as we head throughout your saturday morning. how long it will lingeren a einw minutes.
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. >> the white house evacuated. the first family was not there. a man jumped the fence. across the lawn and made it inside the white house. secret service agents took him down as he entered the north portico doors, columned entrance that faces pennsylvania avenue. it is not clear why he did it. agents stay he was not armed. president obama and his daughters left on marine one a few minutes earlier. >> she has been dubbed as erin brokovich world, fighting a scheme that milked americans out of millions. >> that woman lives here in the bay area, turning pain into fashion. >> and the story with a mom on a mission. >> reporter: more than $26 million in six years, how much one company defrauded almost 2,000 victims across the country. that is until it came across ingrid robinson who on her own
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was able to topple a financial giant that was illegally charging people desperately in need of money. all this work she did from her house in marin county. for a mother on a mission, this was the promiseland. >> when michelle died. everything went to hell in a handbag. >> on this barren property in clear lake, california, she hoped to develop an upscale luxury town home community. >> i renamed it michelle's diamond after my daughter. first, she needed $100,000 to kick start michelle's diamond. a commercial broker referred her to remington financial group out of phoenix and philadelphia. >> remington said, no, we love this project so much we want to invest the whole $5 million to develop it. next thing i know. i receive a contract from remington. saying that they wanted $10,000 up front to do their due diligence. >> ingrid would be one of 2,000
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people to get the very same request from remington. the company would send out letters of interesting indica indicating it had lenders and touting 80% success rate in securing money so long as the person filled out the forms and paid up front $25,000. so with cash in hand. remington would find flaws in the proposed projects but not before sending out one last message. >> e-mail says, we regret to inform you, that they're not going to fun the pd the project. just not going to fund it. the federal investigation, reveals they knew what they were doing. one complaint he was getting a pit in his stomach deceiving clients. sensing something wasn't right. r >> if you think i am hysterical now. just wait. i will become your worst night mare. took me seven years. but i kept my word.
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>> reporter: that meant doing her own digging. discovering hundred of victims across the u.s. >> i, myself, probably found over 600 victims and about oh, i would say, three, four months. >> reporter: she took her findings to the fbi seven years later her patience was rewarded with huge results. all six remington principles convicted. including president and ceo andrew bogdanoff on the linkedin profile page. sentenced to 18 years behind bars in prison. >> i went berserk. >> the commercial brokers who refer companies like remington often get kickbacks for the referrals. >> little did i know they received a 30% referral fee. i had no clue about that. >> which is perfectly legal for now. she says she is working with members of congress to plug that loophole. and she doesn't care how many more weeks, months, even years it might take, she still won't
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give of on michelle's diamond. >> it is my labor of love. that's what drives me. i am michelle's mom. >> remington co-owner, matthew mcmanus sentenced october 7 and faces up to 105 years behind bars. >> stephanie, thank you. >> well, this afternoon, haze. now seeing fog. meteorologist jeff ra knonieri s us. >> the weekend rolls around. few speed bumps saturday and sunday. first one being that fog. thick at the coast loon now from point reyes, santa cruz. other thing down toward gilroy, low clouds moving in. second thing. the fact the fog is in san francisco. but now starting move in across oakland and east bay. no doubt. cloud to start for tomorrow. take-up j you outside. low cloud with us. most temperatures in the 60s at this hour. san jose area again.
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cloud cover. humidity, we are tracking right now. going to have more on that coming up. take you too tomorrow morning's numbers. most important thing here. east bay. san francisco. also, north bay will start off, the cloudiest. you can see here in san francisco. not only the low cloud. but also areas of drizzle. sun expected by 10:00 a.m. peninsula. south bay. hazy start. 61. bring in the forecast. talked, humidity. feeling a little bit now in san jose. going to see more of that tomorrow. all getting sparked off by this upper low-pressure system. that's the same thing tomorrow. with this counter clockwise circulation. that could pull in more smoke here from the king fire. closer toward the bay area. southerly direction. wind pulling up around the storm system. will also bring us touch of humidity as well. cloud cover on the map is really indication of that haze that is going to be out there.
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take a look at south bay. san jose expecting 85 degrees. temperaturewise. going to be beautiful. if you do suffer from allergies or respiratory problem. smoke, atmosphere may impact. saratoga. pacifica. palo alto. san francisco. 60s. but you know the drill. this tomb time of the year. head towards downtown. rays, sunshine. looking at 71 across, selma. financial district. north bay. east bay. trivalley. napa, steady at 85. santa rosa. cooler. because we think that fog again in the morning will hang around lateren the aft ein the afterno. trivalley. 85, danville. close to 90 in pleasantton. get you to the rest of the weekend forecast. saturday is comfortable. sunday, numbers go up more. in the trivalley. have 90s coming our way. as the we head toward the back half of the weekend. san francisco will keep drizzle in the forecast.
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sunday. cooler temperatures with 69. and for the south bay expecting 86 degrees. so if you are heading to the east bay. might want few head out to laugh yet. art, wine festival. great time. nbc bay area. official sponsors. as the the title says. plenty of art and wine there. may want to check that out. leave you tonight. looking ahead toward next week. just want to enjoy the weekend. chance here of rain cupping oom way. and, because of our drought. we will handle all details this weeken. sit back and enjoy your saturday. >> nbc bay area. official station for the lafayette art wine festival. jeff ranieri, ambassador to greet you at the art festival. >> see you there tomorrow, jeff. >> okie-dokey. >> the blunder by an iphone user going viral. >> of course, jimmy. >> james spader is here for my birthday. plus a surprise mystery guest. and watch, we're up next!
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a rock star surprise for hundred of apple fans who camped out for iphone. yes, ceo tim cook opened the doors at palo alto store. stopping to take self kries and chat with them. lines formed here and were repeated around the world. everyone wanted to be the first to power up their new iphones. >> i came from norway for this. i timed this very well. >> apple eventually had to break the bad news to fans in the lines. no for phones. go home. not as bad as this though. the fall heard around the world for iphone fans. the first person who bought the iphone 6 in perth australia dropped his precious purchase. all caught on live tv. >> all right. >> we are doing the reveal.
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oh! >> all was right. the customer picked up his gadget. rubbed the screen and said, all good. >> from china to sunnyvale. alibaba, chinese version of amazon, went public! good reason to clap. long-awaited ipo at new york stock exchange. initial shares traded at $93 apiece. as for the local angle here, sunnyveil based yahoo! owned a large stake. yahoo! may make $9 billion on the ipo. perspective, alibaba debuted public offering of $22 billion. what they raised to day. facebook in compares on had $16 billion in its ipo. and until now, visa had the biggest ipoen u.s. history at $17.8 billion.
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>> well, up next, a big night. at the coliseum. show you what the as did. ♪
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i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. >> and we are joined from comcast sports net studio, down to the wire, nitty-gritty this
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is what will happen. >> a lot of pressure on the giant by the way. tim hudson one of the best comeback stories in 2014. returning from gruesome ankle injerry lai -db injerry last year. giants, hudson, a loser in his last two starts. bottom first. quickly in trouble. bases loaded. and amarista finding right center gap. and come in to score. 2-0. padre. cameron maven. and 4-0. san diego. yeah, dancing down south. giants lose 5-0. 3 1/2 back of the dodgers. phillies in oakland. as hanging on for one of the final two wild card spots. two on. derek norris. single to buchanan.
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1-0. oakland. early offense, kill scoliseum. coco crisp. good bounce. norris trot in. 3-0. oakland. as win 3-1. half a guam up for top wild card spot. second annual splash brothers. parent/child fantasy basketball clinic took place. 100 lucky camper, hung out with curry, thompson, dell and michael at the warriors practice facility. >> this is the second year. having an experience for -- some kids to come out with their dads, guardians what have you. i know it is pretty special for every single camper here. and for to us have our dads here. a family affair all the way around. >> all right. great of the guys to put that on. our thoughts are with willie mccovey. treating serious infection.
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recovery progressing every day. according to the giants. the team encouraging fans to send best wishes to send them willie mac, sf more news coming up afte
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>> jeff inviting us all to lafayette wine festival tomorrow. what time are we meeting? >> 10:00, mimosas, my place.
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and hop right over. off a >> all of you too. >> i'm in trouble. gray, overcast. morning hours. also hazy for the south bay. temperatures in the 60s. areas of isolated drizzle for san francisco. now as we get you into the weekend forecast. we'll have temperatures in the east bay. near lafayette, art and wine festival. and in the mid 80s. got to include that in there. temperatures in the upper 80s to 90. head through the trivalley. if that festival not for you. sf dragon boat festival? yeah, either one. >> the weekend is here. have a great weeken. >> bye-bye. be safe. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader mystery guest


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